What's a man card?

If you like burgers, are you flat top guy or flame broiled guy?

Grow up in the New York Metro area and like sports? There really is a prescriptive analogy to how you like your NY/NJ sports teams. Are you a...

Do you really lift the toilet seat?

Follow up - if you lift the seat, do you ALWAYS remember to put the seat back down?

If you have a lawn, do you cut it yourself?

Preferred Salsa - Super Hot - Hot - Medium - or Mild?

Are you a Bud Light Guy or a Craft Beer guy?

If I go out and want a custom cocktail, I'd like a.....

Favorite Shot - Straight up

Let's say on the outside you're over 40. Heck you could be 60 as well on the outside. The real question; in your head on the "inside" how old does your brain THINK you are?

You get $100,000 from a long lost deceased Aunt. You want a new car. Do you buy a classic hot rod or new high end car?

Do Real Men karoke? if Yes, what would be the most manly song?

Who makes the best Insurance commercials?

The "Man Bun" is...

The tattoo craze reminds me that...

Metallica or the Stones?

Does the band Greta Van Fleet sound like Led Zeppelin?

If you smoke a cigar, what's the max price you're willing to spend?

Have you ever met a woman who loves a salad wedge? I mean with blue cheese chunks, bacon, tomatos - the works.

You're in a public restroom. Three toilets available. Which do you choose and why?

Now you're in a public restroom and there are four toilets. Which do you choose and why?

When you go into a public restroom, how do you open the door?

In a bar, if they give you the wrong drink you....

Is it manly to like Hall & Oats?

If you ride a bicycle, it's more manly to ride a....

If you watch news on TV, which one do you like?

Do you watch NASCAR?

Ever ride or own a Harley?

Do you tip your Uber or Lyft Driver?

If a Uber or Lyft driver asked you to sit in the front seat would you?

Wavy or Regular Chips